Churches & Congregations in New Mills

‘All athirst for God’

New Mills has many churches, representing many forms of Christian worship. One of the earliest was a Quaker meeting house built in 1717. St George’s Church was not built for the Church of England until 1831, more than a century later. Although the Church of England was the state church, here in New Mills, as in other industrial towns and cities, many people were attracted to different Christian movements like Methodism and Quakerism.

By 1880, when St James the Less opened, there was already a Quaker meeting house and churches for Wesleyan Methodists, Primitive Methodists, Congregationalists and Roman Catholics. All these churches served a population of about 5,500 people. Churches were centres of social activity in the Victorian period. They gave people a chance to carry out civic duties and contribute to social reforms, as well as seeking salvation.

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